While they last!

Everyone purchasing the Credit Repair Biz Kit v.2.0
will receive ALL of these bonuses at no extra charge

  • Bonus 1: Renegade Direct Mail Secrets CDs. - SOLD OUT

  • Bonus 2: Ongoing coaching series calls,(Marketing call - The Business call- How-to call - FAQ call - Pitfalls call - Building Business credit call - Outsourcing and Arbitrage call, Incorporating yourself on the cheap call and more). You will have access to the recordings and you can listen to them over and over on your favorite MP3 player.

  • Bonus 3: 90 minute Interview on "The Wealth Attraction Formula" even if you can't attract a fly, with author Mynders Glover. Learn the steps and get the wheel visualization method. Download to your favorite mp3 player.

  • Bonus 4: Incorporating your business. You will get "need-to-know" information and resources to incorporate your business for pennies on the dollar. Don't pay $600 to incorporate. You can easily do it yourself.

  • Bonus 5: Unlimited 90 days Phone and eMail support. Your safety net is just a call or eMail away. You will get personal answers and FREE consulting for a full 90 days.

  • Bonus 6: Lifetime updates. As long as you own your kit you will receive updates for free. Updates are released after new techniques are successfully tested. Updates are also released when new laws go into effect.

  • Bonus 7: "Special Member" Membership. Be part of the growing community of your peers in the business. Share ideas, get advice, find joint venture deals, stay informed up to the minute. Membership SITE CLOSED. New Membership site is available through the Ethical Credit Repair Alliance (ECRA) With your original investment in the kit, you will receive a 30 day FREE Trial to the organization where you can test drive their proprietary Credit Repair & Management Software + articles, audio, video and more to help grow your business. After the trial, your Biz kit owner special subscription fee of $39.95 can be cancelled at any time.

  • Bonus 8: "Who to sue and for how much" report. You will learn which creditors or collectors to sue and under which law statute. You will use this guide to get Creditors, Credit Bureaus and Collectors to comply with your demands and get results.

  • Bonus 9: "$25 attorney coupon" - You receive a consultaion with an attorney experienced in the applicable laws of your state. He will review your state law and contract. The attorney has only authorized a small quantity of rebate coupons, and we have VERY LIMITED QUANTITIES LEFT. Your cost is $25 for the review.

  • Bonus 10: "Take a Break" Certificate - FREE 3 Day / 2 Night Family Vacation at one of 500 Exciting Loctaions (a limited time offer) NOTE: There will be no timeshare presentation or sales pitch of ANY KIND!

  • Bonus 11: Monthly Q & A calls - Every Month I will hold a Q&A section where you can submit your questions or issues. Also, if you are having troubles in specific areas, we can discuss them as well on the call. It's an open forum to discuss whatever you'd like.