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(NOTE: Monitor not included. Monitor is a representation of the 30 day FREE
trial of the ECRA membership site)

The Business Module


Sturdy Plastic case to hold all your Business Module Contents, Books, CDs and loose-leaf information

234 page manual teaches you both the art and science of the Credit Repair Business + all the tricks of the trade. The manual also walks you through the sequences you will undertake with your clients

127 page book "Your new identity in the 21st Century: Credit" Useful information for achieving stellar credit
Dispute letters, advanced techniques, client contracts, basic marketing, financial plan and evaluation sheet, incorporating, negative codes decipher, state laws and licensing, copy of sue report, Biz module video are all included on this CD
The bonus CD includes overflow material from the tools & marketing module in addition to everyday useful reports on saving money, dealing with stress and procrastination and more + video of the Bonus CD content and how to use them.

5 Day Surefire Quick Start Guide & Basic Startup Marketing Portfolio. This guide will walk you through your first 5 days in the business

A family vacation certificate you can use for yourself or giveaway as an incentive. You also have access to this certificate to print at will and giveaway to potential clients as a reward
Credit Bureaus, Creditors and Collection Agencies have specific laws they must abide by. When they violate them, Federal Law provides relief for each infraction. You will find listed each infraction, its corresponding law regulation code and $ amount per day you can recover.

You will find a video on each CD introducing you to each module
We have negotiated a one time fee of $25 for an attorney to review your state law and client contract (if you want to). This just gives you an added comfort that you are a legitimate business. The attorney will only charge $25 for the review. Any additional work is extra.

The Marketing Module

The marketing module contains all the marketing materials specifically designed for your business. You will find postcards, flyers, direct mail letters, business cards, tri-fold brochures, client booklet, business booklet and miscellaneous materials. All materials are included as PDF, JPG and PSD so that you can customize them. Just add your name, phone and PRINT.
In the sleeve you will find 3 CDs containing over 20 reports, audio, video to help you with Press Releases, writing ads, marketing online & offline, places to advertise, psychology of buying and much more. These tools/reports were selected to advance your business through marketing and advertising.

The Tools Module


The tools module contains killer tools specifically picked to assist you with running your business.
In the sleeve you will find 3 CDs containing reports, software, audio and video ranging from how to set up your home office, action blueprints, over 500 business letters software, budgeting software, reports and 3 day vacation certificates you can give your client as a bonus for using your services to outsourcing your business services, time management, coping with stress and much more. These tools/reports were selected to assist you in running your business.

Other Kit Content

This DVD was specifically developed to give away to potential clients that are unsure about hiring your services. The DVD explains the importance of good credit, what bad credit will cost them and will convince them to hire you to repair their credit. Included in your kit is 1 DVD and case. You can order as few as 10 professionally duplicated and printed copies at a time, for as little as $2.55 per DVD/Case (for certain quantities). We have teamed up with a production house and through our sheer volume buys; we can extend to you the lowest price available for duplication and printing. For a small one time fee, you can also have the DVD/Case printed with your Business information, address and telephone number.
Once your trial expires and you choose to renew your membership to the only Consumer Protection organization for Credit Repair Professionals, you will receive a certificate of membership in the mail suitable for framing and displaying. As long as you remain a member of the ECRA, each year in January you will receive an updated certificate good for the current calendar year. As long as you are a current member, your listing in the public site will remain active

Downloadable Content
+ other stuff

With your purchase of the Credit repair Biz kit we have negotiated for you to receive a free trial to the membership site where Credit Repair Professionals mingle. You also receive access to special members only tools and discounts, the right to utilize the ECRA logo on all your marketing materials, updates to the Credit laws, a members forum, a regular newsletter filled with business tips, AND access to the proprietary online Credit software to develop all dispute letters and track your client progress. As a member of the ECRA you also receive a listing in the ECRA public site where potential clients can search for ECRA members by state. The ECRA site will be heavily promoted through Press Releases as the only organization to protect the consumer from unethical and "fly by night" Credit Repair companies.
You will have access to ongoing coaching calls through our tele-seminar series. In addition to specific Credit Repair topics, we will have business related calls for very specific topics that will grow your business. Some topics on the agenda currently are: Building Business credit (easier than you think) - Asset Protection - Marketing - Running the Business - Adding complimentary products to your offering for a bigger profit margin. I will add more topics to help your business grow

Q & A
Every Month I will hold a Q&A section where you can submit your questions or issues. Also, if you are having troubles in specific areas, we can discuss them as well on the call. It's an open forum to discuss whatever you'd like.

You'll receive all the additional bonuses listed at the bottom of the main home page.

We have a very liberal return policy (No need for long, small type disclaimers). If you're not happy for ANY reason, just return the kit in good condition and we'll refund you purchase INCLUDING your initial shipping charges NO QUESTIONS ASKED (unless you want to give us a reason - we're OK with that too)

(NOTE: I am NOT a professional photographer. This image is a still shot of all the physical
content of the kit laid out on my desk) - Chair, desk and fake plant NOT included :)